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Apparently, even most PA Republicans approve of Gov. Wolf's handling of COVID-19

A new Washington Post-Ipsos poll is out, and it shows that 72 percent of Pennsylvanians back Gov. Wolf in his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes a surprising 51 percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents, and a not-so-surprising 91 percent of Democrats and Democrat-leaning independents.

We say "surprising," because we haven't personally been impressed with Wolf cracking down on Airbnb rentals by self-quarantining New Yorkers escaping the city for the Poconos (on our read, this forced people who might have been virus carriers back out onto the roads and in public while depriving Airbnb operators of much-needed income during an economic downturn).

We also weren't impressed with his closure of Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores as a sop to labor unions, which also prompted more Pennsylvanians to drive to New Jersey, risking more spread of COVID-19 just so people could get some tequila and pass away the lockdown making margaritas after finishing their (virtual or non-existent) work every day.

But apparently, we're in the minority no matter which way you cut it.

Another interesting tidbit from the poll: 14 percent of Democrats and Democrat-leaning independents in Pennsylvania approve of President Trump’s handling of COVID-19.

That's a low number, but if you go look at the cross tabs, you'll see that nationally, Trump's approval number with this voter demographic is even lower.

His approval numbers with Republicans and Republican-leaning independents in Pennsylvania are also a little higher than nationally.

This is all within-the-margin-of-error stuff, but it makes us wonder whether Trump might be better positioned in Pennsylvania right now than a lot of pundits think.

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