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Brian Fitzpatrick looks like he's going down in November

Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick didn't make Roll Call's last list of the ten most vulnerable House incumbents in the country (Rep. Scott Perry did).

But based on last night's primary results, it sure looks like he should be in the #11 spot- or maybe bump someone sitting further up the list.

Here is the deal.

Fitzpatrick occupies a district rated as a mere R+1 by the Cook Political Report.

That district went to Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Last night, he won his primary with a mere 58%.

Think that's not so bad?

No, it really is.

Fitzpatrick's primary opponent ended the race with NEGATIVE $16,000 in the bank, as National Journal's Josh Kraushaar points out.

NEGATIVE $16,000. And Fitzpatrick still couldn't hit 60%.

Come November, it looks like Fitzpatrick will be toast.

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