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Hey Pennsylvania, it turns out COVID-19 isn't all bad!

If you're like the majority of Americans, you've probably found little to love about the COVID-19 pandemic, lockdown, self-isolating, economic losses, and more.

But hey, every cloud has a silver lining, right? And it turns out in Pennsylvania, we may have found a big one in the midst of a huge grey cumulus that's otherwise been dumping on us hardcore for months now.

Yesterday, PennDot announced that Pennsylvania drivers will now be able to renew our drivers licenses online and skip getting a new photo.

Thank God: No visits to the DMV required.

Downside: If you hate your existing drivers license photo, you might be stuck with it (unless you renewed on or before May 10 and didn't get your photo taken, in which case you're supposed to go to a PennDot center for a photo... even though a bunch of them, including all in the Philadelphia area, are shut). Anyway, if you haven't had a haircut in weeks or months, do you really want a new photo right now? Nope.

To get your online renewal, you still have to seek it within 30 days before or after the license expiring. Don't delay, make sure you'll still have your bad haircut and surly expression from years ago on your drivers license years from now, today!

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