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Ouch: Oil industry execs: "the president doesn't really understand [our] business."

Last week, Joe Biden freaked out Pennsylvania's oil and gas industry with anti-fossil fuel remarks he made during the debate.

In the days since, President Trump has eagerly been trying to seize upon those remarks to deliver himself a win in the Keystone State.

But it appears Trump himself might not be in a great position to capitalize on Biden's foot-in-mouth disease. From Politico Influence today, and note the bold:

OIL LOBBY’S RATING OF TRUMP’S PRESIDENCY: ‘MEH’: Joe Biden’s remarks during the debate last week about transitioning away from oil and gas didn’t exactly reassure the oil lobby, but President Donald Trump’s administration hasn’t been as good for the industry as you might think, POLITICO’s Ben Lefebvre reports. “Trump frustrated the industry last month by declaring vast swaths of shoreline off Florida and other states off-limits to drilling, an election-year reversal of his past promises to expand offshore production. And even one nominal bright spot for the industry — the administration’s aggressive rollback of regulations — has been so rushed and beset by legal challenges that Democrats may have little trouble reinstating the rules if they reclaim power.”
— “Three and a half years of rollbacks facing serious litigation ensures a lot of things are ‘to-be-decided,’” said Wayne D’Angelo, an energy lawyer and partner at legal firm Kelley Drye who has represented oil and gas companies and trade associations on federal environmental issues. More fundamentally, oil and gas executives told POLITICO, the president doesn’t really understand their business — and his famously chaotic White House has set up a system where only a relative handful of favorite energy executives have access to people who can shape policy.”

Ouch. We've speculated before that Trump coddling the ethanol industry to such a degree would cost him dearly in Pennsylvania, and we have to imagine that his ethanol-friendliness has been one thing to make oil and gas executives think he "doesn't really understand" the business. But there's a lot more to the equation, and one wonders whether Trump's attacks on Biden will really land at all if this is how executives see things.

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