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PA Property Taxes set to rise?

With the COVID-19-prompted economic downturn reducing revenues all over the place, it's no surprise that state and municipal budgets across the country are getting hammered.

In Pennsylvania, it's no different.

According to the Patriot-News, Pennsylvania schools are now projecting up to $1 billion in lost revenue stemming from the COVID-19-induced downturn.

What does this mean? Unless the economy reopens and things get back to normal plus some pretty quickly, your neighborhood big-spending politician - aided and abetted by public sector union advocates - will probably be calling for higher property taxes.

Of course, if unemployment numbers don't drop sharply and businesses cannot reopen and get back to the revenue levels they were anticipating pre-crisis, that's a funding "solution" for government, but it will be an untenable one for a bunch of actual taxpayers. If you don't have a job or you've been furloughed or your business is shuttered so you aren't making money, you're not exactly well-positioned to pay your property taxes.

This, plus the psychological toll that self-isolation is taking on people and the economic carnage people are already living through helps explain why people are eager to re-open, even if they recognize it comes with risks. This is, of course, contrary to the narrative of a bunch of people on the hard left including figures like Nikole Hannah Jones of the 1619 Project, who recently put the drive to re-open down to a desire for "states to get out of the mandated social safety net and forcing workers to hold up the economy even if it kills them."

Yes, really... your property taxes may rise without any commensurate increase in your ability to pay them because folks like this are eager to avoid re-opening coupled with harm reduction lest America buy into a supposed an Ayn Randish plot to kill people so we can push GDP and the Dow higher and keep states from paying anyone's Medicaid bills.

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