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Pennsylvania Senate overwhelmingly trashes Wolf's COVID restaurant restrictions

In the latest victory against heavy-handed COVID restrictions, the Pennsylvania Senate has passed legislation trashing Gov. Tom Wolf's excessively stringent anti-COVID restaurant restrictions.

Sad Tom Wolf is feeling sad.

In a 43-6 vote, the Senate voted to "set the minimum capacity for restaurants at 50%, with the possibility of increased capacity; remove the ban on bar service; eliminate the meal requirement to purchase alcohol; and allow event venues to operate at a minimum of 50% capacity."

Surprise, surprise, Wolf says he will veto it. This is despite the fact that 15 of the votes to roll the restrictions back did not come from Republicans, making it a highly bipartisan bill.

Minority Leader Jay Costa, Minority Whip Anthony Williams, and Caucus Chairman Wayne Fontana didn't even vote "no" on this one.

Unsurprisingly, voting "no," and therefore voting for an ongoing, too-closed economy and ongoing economic damage to thousands of small businesses was Sen. Katie Muth, as well as Sens. Larry Farnese, Art Haywood, Vincent Hughes, Daylin Leach, and Sharif Street.

Quite what the issue could possibly be with people ordering alcohol at a table without ordering food is beyond us; that restriction sounds like something out of 1950's Utah.

It's just another piece of evidence pointing to Wolf having veered too far left, and into too big government terrain for a purple, not blue, state.

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