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Trump campaign launches two Black Voices for Trump Community Centers in PA

In an effort to drive up African-American support for the Trump-Pence ticket, the Trump campaign launched two Black Voices for Trump Community Centers in Pennsylvania this week.

According to Republican National Committee (RNC) spokesman Michael Joyce, the centers will in fact be paid for by the RNC because of their focus on (re) electing not just the President and the Vice President, but rather Republicans all the way down the ballot.

What the RNC says the Community Centers will look like.

The centers can be found in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh and will focus on touting job creation under President Trump, as well as Trump's signature of criminal justice reform, bills extending funding to historically black colleges and universities, and the administration's support of school choice.

While the Trump campaign and RNC are obviously aiming to boost proactive support for Republicans among African-Americans, a secondary objective is probably to minimize any incentive African-American voters see to turn out in 2008 or 2012 numbers for the eventual Democratic nominee.

Arguably, if those numbers had been hit in 2016, Hillary Clinton would have won the electoral college and not just the popular vote.

The Trump campaign and RNC are undoubtedly cognizant of this and the fact is that moving a few voters here and a few voters there could prove to be a great insurance policy against defeat.

This is likely a secondary reason why Trump's camp is said to strongly prefer running against Sen. Bernie Sanders to former Vice President Joe Biden. Sanders has fared poorly with African-American voters this cycle, only really hitting solid numbers with very young African-Americans who do not turn out in high numbers. Simultaneously, the worry is that Biden will be able to turn African-Americans out to the same degree Obama did, or at least close.

On spec, this makes the Trump team's task look daunting. However, they may be able to boost support somewhat with African-American men, and that could make a big difference in a close race. And goodness knows, in 2020, Pennsylvania will be key.

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