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Whoa: Heritage Foundation supports marijuana legalization in PA

There's a debate going on right now about possible marijuana legalization in Pennsylvania in 2021.

Is Pennsylvania's future green?

As I wrote here last summer, there's a strong fiscal argument for legalizing marijuana - one that's likely to get even stronger the longer COVID runs.

But the proposal hasn't been as popular as, say, tax cuts with conservative groups within and outside the state, which makes this (via Politico) noteworthy:

SHOULD THE STATE SELL WEED? — The idea of state-sponsored marijuana distribution has supporters across the political spectrum, from Democratic Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf to Republican Utah Sen. Evan VickersEven those concerned about marijuana legalization like Paul Larkin, a senior legal research fellow at the conservative think tank Heritage Foundation, are proponents of the idea, arguing that the model would lessen the public health risks of legal cannabis.

Note the bold: This is the Heritage Foundation, perhaps the think-tank in America that most embodies conservatism including social and cultural conservatism, endorsing an idea that has historically been characterized as policy only supported by dirty hippies in Berkeley (OK, to be fair, also National Review).

This might raise a few eyebrows and change a few minds in Harrisburg.

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