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Wolf botching COVID vaccinations

Well, this is disappointing.

If you're wondering why an elderly person in your circle of family and friends is struggling to get vaccinated, here's why: Gov. Tom Wolf apparently never queried whether the federal government would actually increase vaccine supply before expanding who was eligible to receive it.

From KYW News:

Eligibility recently expanded to everyone 65 and older, as well as anyone with underlying health issues. That means roughly 4 million people across the commonwealth are now able to get the vaccine, the governor said — if supplies weren’t so severely limited. Wolf said the state did not consider waiting to expand eligibility until it had more vaccine on hand before offering it to more people. “We didn’t think about that,” he continued. “We wanted to make sure we were getting people — and we still, the idea is to get people in line, in terms of the need.”

Wolf has got to be about the only Democrat in the entire world who trusted the federal government on this, right? Set aside what my personal opinions may be about Donald Trump, it's sort of baffling when the whole media narrative was that his administration was botching COVID response, and Democrats especially treated the man and everyone working for him as almost 100% untrustworthy on every topic, Gov. Wolf was the lone Democrat who decided to take the federal government, with Trump at the helm, at its word about supplies.

The consequences of this are going to be really serious, too. KYW notes "At the current pace, it will likely be months before essential workers in Pennsylvania will be eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine."

So, the state has not vaccinated its elderly as quickly as it should have, and now it's going to be way behind the curve on essential worker vaccination, too.

Wolf can try to blame Trump and the feds as much as he wants for this, but the fact is, he shouldn't have trusted them as much as he apparently did. He shares the blame, and it should be remembered as another instance where his poor management of COVID has caused Pennsylvania to suffer.

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